Living is Paradiso
in Vienna

Great location makes for a great investment

Fani Skender

Our Strengths – Your Advantages

With its premium quality condos, Paradiso is laying the foundations to a safe asset that supplements your income stream. Our CEO, Dr. Skender Fani, has been active in real estate development for over 40 years, developing premium properties throughout Europe and the United States. As a leading European-based sports and entertainment attorney, representing many of Europe's top athletes and entertainers Dr. Fani also brings a wealth of international experience to Paradiso. This unique know-how coupled with strong development partnerships and an intimate knowledge of the local real estate market is what sets Paradiso apart. Ranging from the selection of the properties to the design & architecture of the buildings and the equipment of the condos, professional planning and execution flow into each phase of our projects.

Have it your way: Supplemental Income or a Second Home

You can buy a Paradiso condo to live in or to rent out. We are happy to assist you with renting out your condo for you. If you wish to finance your condo purchase, Paradiso provides financing support and can arrange financing solutions tailored to your needs. Whether it is the supplemental income you would like to benefit from, provision yourself for retirement, or establish a second home for you or your children: Paradiso condos offer a safe investment for your future.

Save taxes
When renting out a Paradiso condo you get the benefit of getting the value added tax back in form of a prepaid-tax deductible. Further: interest payments, depreciation and amortization can reduce your tax burden.

Rental Prices.

Rental prices are rising constantly in Vienna for years now. Both familys and elders are increasingly looking for condos in the city. The gap between supply and demand is getting wider and wider. The bulding activity isn’t able to keep up with population growth.

According to „Statistik Austria“ there will be living over 2 million inhabitants in Vienna by 2035, currently we are counting 1,74 million people living in Vienna. For the fourth time in a row Vienna, Austrians federal capital, got crowned by the „Mercer“ as the city with the highest quality of living.